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14 February08:28 Arsen Avakov in United States Institute of Peace presents strategy of de-occupation of Donbas -'The mechanisms of small steps'

On February 12, at the round-table conference in the Institute of Peace (Washington, USA) Arsen Avakov said Russia has been leading the hybrid war against Ukraine for five years now, and none of the current means of the active phase of the aggression and returning Ukrainian territories to its composition are working.

12 February08:18 A meeting with the volunteers of the Canadian project on fire-prevention humanitarian aid was held at the SES of Ukraine

On February 11, a meeting of the Deputy Head of the SES of Ukraine Ruslan Biloshytskyi and the volunteers of the Canadian Project of firefighter humanitarian aid “Firefighter Aid for Ukraine - Amigo Relief Missions Ltd.” Kevin Royle and Andrew Boichenko took place in Kyiv City.

8 February08:45 The final meeting of the second phase of the PPRD East 2 Program took place in Ukraine

On February 6, the final fifth meeting of the National Advisory Group (NAG) of the Prevention, Preparedness and Response Program for Natural and Man-made Disasters in the Eastern Partnership countries of the RPRD East 2 took place in Kyiv.

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