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2 April08:14 In all regions of Ukraine rescuers have arranged temporary reception points for patients with COVID-19

In cooperation with the territorial bodies of the National Police and health care institutions, employees of the Main Departments of the SES of Ukraine in the oblasts and in the city of Kiev have temporary reception points and sorting of patients with coronavirus disease in the territories of first-wave health care facilities. Temporary reception points are equipped on the basis of tents of the SES.

31 March08:07 In Ternopil region rescuers were checked for COVID-19

In the Ternopil region the health of rescuers working in the area of the greatest spread of coronavirus infection was checked. On March 27, the COVID-19 detection tests in the Monastyrysky district were conducted by employees of the 19th State Fire and Rescue Unit and the district control department of the SES in Ternopil region

28 February08:38 The representative of the SES of Ukraine in the Ukrainian delegation visited the USA in the framework of the international program "Open World"

The meeting with Dr. Sem Potolikko, President of the Preparing of Global Leaders Foundation, Director of the Global and Specialized Education course at the McCourt School of Public Policy of the Georgetown University, New York University lecturer, and with Dr. Dan E. Davison, Senior Academic Advisor, Director of the American Councils Research Center, Honorary President of the American Councils on International Education was held on February 27

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