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Technical consultations were held at SES to prepare for the implementation of a new project of free assistance from the PRC and to monitor the use of the previously received equipment

Published: 03.09.2019, 08:32

On August 29, Deputy Head of the Service Ruslan Biloshytsky met with representatives of the China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchange (CICETE) and China MEHECO company to discuss the use of special rescue equipment and equipment received by the SES during 2016- 2017 as part of a project of free assistance from the Government of the People's Republic of China.

Ruslan Biloshytsky thanked the international partners for their cooperation and emphasized that the use of the received equipment allowed to save the material values by 105 million UAH.

"Thanks to this project, more than 57 special emergency vehicles and equipment totaling 50 million yuan (about US $ 7 million) have been obtained, which is currently being used effectively by the SES emergency response units," said the Deputy Head of Service.

He added that the first batch was divided into 29 divisions of the Service, and its quality and technical characteristics were highly appreciated by the personnel.

During the meeting, technical consultations were held regarding the preparation for the implementation of the new project.

Ruslan Biloshytsky noted that the successful implementation of the previous project was a prerequisite for launching a new project of free technical support for SES units and signing of the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the People's Republic of China on technical and economic cooperation.

“The mentioned Agreement provides for the transfer to the State Emergency Service of 52 units of special rescue equipment and equipment. It will be, in particular, fire equipment, as well as much-needed lift
ing devices” he said.

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