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The 25th IRO Championship among search and rescue dogs began in France

Published: 19.09.2019, 08:19

On September 17, the 25th World Championship for Rescue Dogs in the city of Villeur (France) is held by the International Rescue Dog Training Organization (IRO).

From Ukraine participate in international competitions take 4 dog calculations: Kunichik Anna with Asya malinois, Davydenko Irina with Appa malinois, Nemchenko Marina - with boarder-collie DJ and Radchenko Valeriy with Saty's malinois.

They all represent the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, in particular the Interregional Emergency Response Center (Romny, Sumska Oblast) and the Mobile Emergency Response Center (Kyiv).

58 teams will participate in the 25 World Championship for Rescue Dogs. 117 participants  from 22 countries arrived to France.

Our team has passed veterinary control, all search and rescue dogs are admitted to the championship.

There was a draw for the start of the 25th IRO Championship. So, we wish our rescuers a good start!




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