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Cherkasy oblast: Rescue Service divers provide security during the Hasids pilgrimage

Published: 26.09.2019, 08:38

Among the religious services, held by the Hasids on the New Year Eve, a special place is occupied by ritual ablution in Mokva and in open water sources.

The most popular place for this among the pilgrims, who have arrived in Uman, is a flooded quarry, the depth of which in some places is more than 14 meters.

On the basis of the many years' experience in providing fire and technogenic safety, the rescue service staff have worked out an effective procedure of actions, according to which constant monitoring and control of the Hasids safety who, in particular, come to ablution, is carried out.

So, on the eve of ritual ablution, the divers of the Department of SES of Ukraine in Cherkasy oblast examined and cleared out from dangerous objects about 250 sq.m. of the bottom of the pond, which will be used by pilgrims during religious ceremonies. Items discovered by divers include the remains of building materials, branches, wooden and metal structures, plastic and glass bottles, and so on.

It is worth noting that at the time of religious ceremonies, a boat with divers, monitoring the safety of pilgrims, will be constantly on the pond. Also on the shore there is a special stationary diving and rescue post, where in addition to divers there are medical workers who at any moment are ready to respond to the danger and to provide qualified assistance.

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