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Within the framework of large-scale special exercises of the Ministry of Internal Affairs rescuers have worked out skills of elimination the consequences of the most typical emergencies

Published: 02.10.2019, 08:18

On September 30, in Kyiv Oblast, on the base of the International Interagency Multidisciplinary Training Center for National Guard Units, with the participation of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in the framework of special trainings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs units, rescuers worked out skills of responding to the most typical and resonant emergencies.

According to the plan of the exercises, a technogenic catastrophe occurred in one of the regions of Ukraine. As a result of the explosion at the industrial plant, buildings, structures, power lines were destroyed, fires occurred in the industrial areas of the enterprise and in natural ecosystems. People have fallen under the rubble of the destroyed buildings and structures. The evacuation of people from the upper floors is only possible with the use of aviation equipment and special equipment. In addition, the situation is complicated by the occurrence of a road accident involving a tank truck with ammonia ...

In order to rescue people and eliminate dangerous of emergencies, it was decided to carry out a rescue operation: to involve additional forces of the SES, increasing them by ambulance crews and the State Disaster Medicine Service, deploy a mobile control point, a point of life support, a separate element of mobile hospital.

Thus, during the practical phase of the exercises, the personnel of the SES demonstrated how complex reconnaissance of the emergency site involving aviation (helicopter) and ground facilities (ground reconnaissance group) is carried out, rescue and other emergency works are carried out, and emergency evacuations are carried out -145 with the use of a trigger device, as well as extinguishing forest fires by aviation and industrial fires by foam attack. Dogologists of the Interregional Emergency Response Center of the SES and the Mobile Emergency Response Center of the SES, pyrotechnics and units of radiation, chemical and biological protection have also demonstrated their skills in the emergency site.

Within the framework of the exercises, for the Head of State and foreign delegations, who also observed the exercise, were demonstrated the operation of the mobile control post, fire-fighting, special equipment and equipment of the SES forces.






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