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Emergency information on eliminating wildfires in the Exclusion Zone

Published: 17.04.2020, 08:17

As of 7:00 am on April 17, in the Exclusion Zone and unconditional (compulsory) evacuation forces and facilities of the SESU continue to shed some areas where hemp, wood residues, fallen dry trees and peat bogs are observed.

The consolidated unit of the SESU is involved in the work on localization of cells in Korogodsk, Dityatky, Paryshvsk and Denysoveck forestry.

There are no threats to critical objects such as Shelter, Vector, and others.

More than 1,000 persjns and 120 vehicles were involved in the firefighting, among them about 1 thousand personnel and 100 vehicles from the SESU, including 2 helicopters.

Radiation background in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast are in normal limits and does not exceed natural background values (Kyiv - 0,012 mR/h, Kyiv region - within 0,011 mR/h with a permissible background of 0,05 mR / h, Chernobyl - 0,023 mR/h, on the KDP of the Children 0,02 mR/h at a control level up to 0,055 mR/h).

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