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An online briefing on the situation with fires in the ecosystems of Ukraine and the state of air pollution took place at the SESU

Published: 23.04.2020, 08:12
On April 23, during an online briefing, Volodymyr Demchuk, Director of the Department of Emergency Response of the SES, and Mykola Kulbida, Director of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, informed the public and media about the progress in the elimination of fires in ecosystems of Ukraine, as well as about the state of air pollution.
“ Thanks to the measures taken, the number of combustion sources and their area in the Exclusion Zone and in the Zhytomyr region continues to decrease. Thus, in the Exclusion Zone there is no fire spred in all three combustion sources. Suppression forces work along the perimeter and, where possible, in the middle of the sources," said Volodymyr Demchuk.
He added that the main efforts are now focused on the extinguishing of grass and forest floor in the Rudky – Buriakivka area.
“Yesterday, on April 22, due to strong wind gusts, local fires occurred in this area, which were quickly responded to by ground forces, as well as with the use of aviation, that dropped 370 tons of water. The creation of fire trails in forests, laying the road for access of fire vehicles and personnel to the combustion sources is continuing, ” said Volodymyr Demchuk.

“Two fire souses have been eliminated this morning near Berezhest and Hladkovychi villages in the Zhytomyr region. Other contained fire sourses are not dangerouse, there is no open fire there. The stumps and wood are still being shed, as well as  fire trails are being created, ”said the director of the Department of Emergency Response.

The head of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center Mykola Kulbida informed that during the past day in the territory of the Exclusion Zone and in the north of the Zhytomyr region the weather conditions have not changed significantly.

"The movement of combustion products, that are emitted into the atmosphere, is going southward at a speed of 10-15 km/h: from the Exclusion Zone - to the western district of the Kiev region, and from the northern districts of the Zhytomyr region - towards Korosten and Zhytomyr towns," he noticed.

“The chemical air pollution in Kyiv is mainly at a level typical for April. Exceedance of the maximum permissible concentrations for nitrogen dioxide, as well as partly for sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde, is observed. Radioactive contamination in Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions remains within the natural background. Air migration of cesium-137 has not been recorded, ”the speaker added.

Nikolay Kulbida noted that the direction of the wind in the coming days will be variable.

"In such circumstances, when the wind often changes its direction, one should not expect a significant spread beyond the Exclusion Zone and the north part of the Zhytomyr region of those pollutants that can be released during fires," he concluded.

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