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Since the beginning of 2020, pyrotechnics of the SES of Ukraine have seized and disposed more than 21 thousand explosive devices

Published: 27.05.2020, 07:57

Pyrotechnic units of the SES of Ukraine conduct daily surveys of the territory of the country, detection, seizure and disposing explosive devices, both from the times of past wars and modern ammunition. Thus, since the beginning of 2020, as of May 26, the pyrotechnics of the SES have already destroyed 21,490 explosive devices, including 317 air bombs.

Only over the past 24 hours there were made 81 departures to remove obsolete artillery shells and grenades.

In particular, on May 25, deminers of the group of pyrotechnic works of the Emergency Rescue Team of Special Purpose disposed a 100-kilogram SD-100 air bomb, which was found by citizens during groundworks on the Kurchatova street in .Khmelnytsky. Later, during a control check of the area, another 28 explosive devices of the Second World War were discovered and disposed.

On the same day in Mykolayiv region, a group of pyrotechnic works and underwater demining of the Emergency Rescue Squad of Special Purpose disposed 76 mm caliber artillery shell of the Second World War.A dangerous finding was discovered during a cattle grazing by a resident of the Zelenyi Yar village, Bashtansk district, who reported about it by the number "101".

In Ivano-Frankivsk region, on May 25, there were disposed two explosive devices from the past wars: a 105 mm artillery shell of the Second World War, whoch was found in an open area in the Senechiv village of Dolyna district, and "Zeitzundergewehrhandgranate" rifle grenade of the First World War, which was found in the open area of the yard of a residential building on Shpytalna Street in Ivano-Frankivsk.

At the same time, a group of pyrotechnic works from the Department of the SES in Zhytomyr Oblast destroyed five explosive devices of the past wars. All shells were found in the territory of Pulyn district. The first call concerning the detection of the suspicious findings came from Ulashanivka village. There, near the settlement, the young men went fishing. A suspicious metal object could be seen from the pond almost near the shore. SES specialists, who arrived at the place of detection, examined the territory and found there two ammunition - an artillery shell and a mortar mine. Another message was reported from the Sokoliv village, where peasants dug up three explosive objects in a ditch near the highway. Pyrotechnics identified the finds as three artillery shells of various calibers.

In addition, humanitarian demining of the liberated territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is ongoing.

In particular, during May 25 in Donetsk region pyrotechnic units of the SES of Ukraine inspected 1.39 hectares of land, where 8 units of explosive devices were detected and seized.

In the territory of Luhansk region there were examined 6.21 hectares of land, where 22 artillery shells, 34 mortar mines and 1 detonator were found, seized and subsequently disposed.

Therefore, in order to prevent accidents among the population in case of detection of explosives, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine once again appeals to citizens to follow the rules of safe handling of explosives or unknown objects!

It is strictly forbidden:

Remember that in case of detection of explosive objects, you must immediately report about it by the phones "101" or "102", and in any case do not try to identify and dispose the found ammunition.


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