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Since the beginning of 2020 there have been more than 13 000 fires in the living sector in Ukraine

Published: 25.05.2020, 07:58

The living houses are continuing to be on fire. The number of fires in the living sector in Ukraine has already reached more than 13 000. The fires in the houses don’t only cause the considerable material loses to people, but also, unfortunately, lead to injuries and deaths.

Thus, since the beginning of the year, the fires in the living sector have claimed more than 800 people. More than 500 citizens have got different injuries. At the same time, more than 700 people have already been rescued.

In particular, on May 23, during fire extinguishing on Reiterska Street, 23 in Kyiv city, the firefighters found and rescued a man (born in 1987), who has been hospitalized with burns of his hands, feet and face. The person has been rescued from the basement of the house while the litter fire was in.

On May 24, during fire extinguishing in summer kitchen on Stepova Street in the village of Rai-Olenivka in Kharkiv oblast the firefighters rescued two persons: a 48-year-old man and a woman. They have been taken out into the fresh air, where doctors were already waiting for them.

However, not all events end with happy rescue.

So, at night on May 23, during fire extinguishing in one-storey building on Sosnova Street in the village of Chernenkovo in Dnipropetrovsk oblast the firefighters found a dead man (born in 1967), who was a neighbour of the house owner.

The rescuers warn that the causes of tragic consequences are often their own negligence and ignoring the fire safety rules at home.

Therefore, considering the extremely unflattering and tragic statistics, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine once again appeals to people to take care of the proper fire safety of their own homes! In particular:

Remember! Only compliance with elementary fire safety and personal safety rules shall be able to save your life and property from fire.

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