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As part of the projects "Reducing the risk of disasters and vulnerability of the population in Eastern Ukraine", representatives of the international non-governmental organization "ACTED" handed over to rescuers of Donetsk equipment for preventive work

Published: 29.05.2020, 08:00

On May 27, in Mariupol, representatives of the international non-governmental organization ACTED, in cooperation with the Head Department, handed over equipment for preventive work to rescuers in Donetsk region.

The equipment was purchased under the Disaster Risk Reduction and Vulnerability Reduction in Eastern Ukraine projects, funded by the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO), and the United States Agency for International Development / US Emergency Management Assistance. The received equipment, in particular, modern laptops, a camera and acoustic systems with microphones, generators will allow to create brighter and more effective content, namely: social video and audio clips, layouts of leaflets and memos, online testing.

And the received multipurpose projectors will be used during carrying out by rescuers of actions for life safety in educational institutions. The use of the latest technologies in preventive work is a matter of time. After all, showing bright videos with rules of safe behavior is several times more effective than simply retelling the same rules.

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